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How Do You Manage Excess Electronic Component Inventory?

What Is Your Return of Investment On Those Parts?

Who Is Doing Something About It?

Xelon Corporation was founded in 1991 to source hard-to-find, obsolete and allocated electronic components. Over the years, clients have asked us to use our contacts to help them market and sell excess or obsolete inventory. Starting in 1998, Xelon formed a new subsidiary called eWarehouse, to do exactly that.

The idea was twofold: provide a virtual warehouse, Web-based, that would market to brokers and OEMs. It would act as a virtual storehouse of electronic components for 1,000s of brokers around the world. It would provide instantaneous inventory that brokers could quickly quote from. It could become their virtual inventory.

And, second, eWarehouse would actually provide a facility where excess or obsolete stock could be stored, relieving valuable space and time for our clients. It would be carefully counted and stored in our warehouse, while being marketed. When sold, it would be shipped and invoiced, and backed by the same guarantee that Excel International makes:

"eWarehouse guarantees that the electronic components specified by our clients and supplied by eWarehouse, meets the manufacturer's published specifications, and functionally meet the published applications guide"

Traditionally, excess or obsolete inventory was sold in bulk for a fraction of its value. By using eWarehouse, the OEM should expect to receive a substantial improvement over his historical performance. Additionally, eWarehouse does the invoicing and credit issuance to the buyers, while providing a monthly statement with reimbursement to the OEM.

We handle the calls, the quotes, the inspections, the quality assurance, the shipping and all technical issues. The OEM's purchasing staff and accounting folks are left to do the thing they are paid to do; their job. Call 800.721.0037 for additional information, and find out how easy it is to improve your bottom line.


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